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A palooza is described as "an extraordinary or unusual thing, person, or event; an exceptional example or instance."


What better way to celebrate the exceptional program the Union Mission provides and the extraordinary men whose lives we come into contact with.  Every day, we are inspired by the courageous individuals who stay at the Union Mission. Their perseverance, despite daily struggles to overcome the adversities they have faced and the obstacles that lay before them, their hope for a better life, and their unique personalities bring so much character to both our program and our community.  We are truly privileged to be the ones helping them as they rebuild their lives. 


In celebrating our men and program, we wanted to have something equally paloozatastic - and Lunchapalooza was born; an unusual salute to the wonderful work of the Mission and the support that the community brings to it.  You too are special and we wanted a fun way to say THANKS!


So, please plan on joining us for lunch at Denunzio's at Latrobe Airport on May 12th.  We promise an unusual and heart-warming luncheon celebration.  Call today to learn more!

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