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Western PA CoC Coordinated Entry System Focus Group

If you have reached this site you have been identified as having participated in the Western PA CoC Coodinated Entry System to assist with your housing crisis or homelessness.  

The Western Pennsylvania Continuum of Care (the Coc) is currently conducting a Coordinated Entry systems assessment. That assessment is being conducted by ICF, a private technical assistance provider.

We would appreciate if you would join us in the focus group and share your experiences in accessing assistance, assessments you may have completed and referrals for housing you may or may not have received.  


We expect the focus groups to last for approximately 90 minutes.  They will be held both in-person and online, so you may choose to attend in whatever way is best for you.  Additionally, you will also receive a $100 stipend via a gift card for your time. 


You can register to attend by visiting:


Thanks so much!!  We hope you can make it!"

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