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About Us


The Union Mission will be the leading agency ending homelessness in Westmoreland County.


The Union Mission is a faith-based organization providing resources that lead to safe, affordable, and sustained housing.


Integrity - Following high ethical standards and always doing the right thing                    

Respect - Valuing diversity, ensuring an inclusive environment, and treating people as 

                 they should be treated

Accountability - Taking responsibility for our actions

Transparency - Openness in thought, word, and action

Empathy - Understanding the perspective of the other person

Trust - Holding positive expectations of others; fostering interdependence

Fiscal Responsibility - Using resources to their best value to sustain mission

Spiritual Growth - Guiding in the discovery, development and reliance on your

                              understanding with God


The Union Mission was founded in 1987 by a single individual who, in conjunction with the Latrobe Ministerial Association, saw the need for a short-term residential facility for disadvantaged men.  The Mission would be a place where housing and support could be offered for those experiencing economic and/or personal crises in their life.

Men did not just "stay" at the Mission.  They were oriented into the community with a broader purpose and given opportunities for ongoing counseling, fellowship, group activities and much more.  It remains a place where both our guests and our neighbors see past the erroneous stigmas attached to homelessness and invite one another to a more accurate understanding of the dignity of the human person.

Recognizing the changing landscape around housing insecurity and the barriers our clients were facing, the Union Mission has evolved into providing a variety of interventions and support mechanisms toward ensuring that homelessness is rare, brief, and non-recurring in Westmoreland County. 


The Union Mission is governed by a volunteer Board of Directors who's charge is steer our organization towards a sustainable future by adopting sound, ethical, and legal governance and financial management policies, as well as by making sure we have adequate resources to advance our vision and mission.  For a current listing of our Board Members, please click here.

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