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      Featured Graduate

My name is Jason.  I came to the Mission because of a mental health crisis that left me unemployed and unable to pay rent.  I lived in a tent for about 4 months before finally realizing I needed their help.


I had so many things wrong with me that I can't even remember them.  My first week at the Mission, all I can remeber is crying myself to sleep every night.  This place was so incredible to me and I definitely didn't deserve it. 


Over time, the staff helped me to change my perspective.  I became active, involved in a bunch of community service, started going to church, found a job, got help for my depression, made friends, and started to feel better.  The Mission even had a volunteer who took me to talk with the admissions office at WCCC.

I am so grateful that these people were here for me and helped me to realize how important I am.  My life is going well.  Even though I have only been graduated a couple of months I can see a difference in my life and where I am headed.  I would reccomend anyone needing help to go see Union Mission.  They transformed my life!

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