ADVISORY COUNCIL (aka Union Mission Champions)

The Union Mission Champions serve as critical community advocates and advisors to the Mission.  Members of the Union Mission Champions share their gifts in service to our mission by providing our organization with their professional expertise; their diverse knowledge of constituent perspectives; their connections to local and regional resources, colleagues or peers; and their philanthropic support or other forms of needed assistance.  These local champions are important in helping the Union Mission thrive.

Carolyn Albert


Rev. Joseph Borodach


Linda Burns


Tyler Courtney


Nancy Crozier


David DeRose


Johnette DeRose


Philomena Dymond


Bill Dymond


Rev. Donna Havrisko

Kelly King


Ted Kopas


Diana Kreiling


Paul Kreiling


Br. Hugh Lester


Kristin Malie


Scotty Nelson


Jim Okonak


Dr. John Parker


Dorris Parker


Rep. Joseph Petrarca


Ellen Piper


Bob Piper


Michael Quatrini


Louis Steiner


Barbara Steiner


Jarod Trunzo


Bob Winters